Build an Outstanding Resume

Your resume is your brand, a reflection of your experience, knowledge, and skills.

Hiring managers look at your information to see if you are a good match for potential careers. So, you have to emphasize your talents and abilities.

Employers look at keywords to see how your experience, competencies, skills, talents, achievements, and credentials relate to a certain job position. Key words are the transferable tasks related to a specific job.

Focus on your target.

Know the job market. Research the specific companies and industries. When you are interested in a specific company, look at the company's mission and vision.

Read and print the job posting. Pay attention to the desired experience, qualifications, skills, education, training, degrees, and certifications.

Identify professional associations. Keep informed!Get additional information from professional social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sites.

Be sure that you address the job requirements.

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Margins - Have enough white space on the sides of the paper.
Font size and style - Ensure readability.
Headings - Use headings when you are more than one page.
Spell check - Always double check your resume before submitting application.
Contact information - Use a professional email address.
Objective - State the type of position you are seeking.
Qualifications - Highlight your
Educational background - Discuss the different degree programs that you have completed or are currently completing. List your education, with the most recent listed first.
Employment - List the job title, company name, and locations. List your jobs, with the most recent position listed first.
References - List your references on a separate page.

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To format your information, include the following details in your template -

Name: _________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Phone number: __________________________________________

Email address: __________________________________________

Job Title _______________________________________________

Objective ______________________________________________

Qualifications ___________________________________________

Computer Skills __________________________________________

Educational Institutions ___________________________________

Place __________________________________________________

Attended (Dates) ________________________________________

Related Courses _________________________________________

Achievements/Awards/ ___________________________________

Employment Experience ___________________________________

Place __________________________________________________

Dates __________________________________________________

Volunteer Work __________________________________________

Place __________________________________________________

Dates __________________________________________________

Professional Associations __________________________________

Place __________________________________________________

Dates __________________________________________________

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