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Benefits of career and college major exploration

Career and college major exploration helps you develop a targeted, strategic career plan to successfully complete college/university.

Career/ college major plans help you stay on track.

  • You learn about career pathways (Holland Codes) designed to make you more successful in finding the right career
  • You discover potential careers that match your interests, abilities and skills
  • You gain information about the degree programs to reach your career goals focusing on attending the right college/ university
  • You gain awareness of required courses needed to complete college/ university graduation requirements so that you lower  costs of attending college/ university
  • You can plan ahead for volunteer activities and internships enhancing your career portfolio

Features of OUR Most Popular Career Tests

Here are links to our favorite resources:

  • Career Key is the #1 source for Holland on the Internet -- respected and used by professionals worldwide.
  • Explore Careers and College Majors:  Online with detail step-by-step tutorial, databases & videos
  • Master Holland Code Resources:  Online/ Printed Virtual Library
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): On-Line 16 MBTI types Inventory
  • RIASECInventory: Easy to use, low cost Printed/Online Interest Inventory
  • Self Directed Search (Form R, Form E, Form Career Explorer): Format:  Printed/Online Assessment &  Career Finder
  • Strong Interest Inventory®: Online Interest Inventory

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