Meditate on GOD's Word

God has given us His Word so that we would have the proper tool to discover our identity and unlock our purpose. 

Knowing His will will help us to make the right decisions. 

Bible Study Tools

We have different Bible study tools -

Faith-Based Career Planning Curriculum


We received an awesome testimonial from LL, a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student finishing up a masters degree.  Thank you LL!

I am so excited to have purchased your Biblical Curriculum book for helping children exploring their careers.

The reason for my excitement is my internship director asked me to come up with a career resource book for the teens that I have been working with as part of my internship ... at Life Center ... a non-profit that serves at-risk youth within the areas using Biblical principles.

I am elated because your booklet will serve as a great asset to this program as they help students with their career considerations in the future.  I have glanced at the content of the book and it is an amazing resource for anyone looking to help children with their careers using Bible-based principles.

It is worth more than the $2 price tag!

Thank you so much for being a part of helping me complete my master's degree by sharing your book with the center.

The faith based career planning curriculum covers the following areas -

  • Holland codes
  • Interests, Abilities, and skills
  • Careers
  • College Majors
  • Job Search Resources

Here is the table of contents from the faith based career planning curriculum:

Three Steps Within the Career Planning and Exploration Process

  • Biblical Principles

Step One: Awareness, Knowledge, and Assessment

  • Types of Career Planning Resources
  • Examples of Holland Codes Resources
  • Holland Career Personalities
  • Four Personal Styles
  • Biblical Examples for Holland Personality Types
  • Holland Code Assessments
  • Holland Codes Resource Book
  • Activity Sheet for “Holland” Career Assessment
  • Biblical Principles

Step Two: Educational and Occupational Exploration

  • Internet Career Exploration Resources
  • Career Book Resources
  • Biblical Principles

Step Three: Career Planning

  • Holland Codes and College Majors
  • Resume Writing
  • Resume Writing Web Sites
  • Biblical Principles
  • Preparing for an Interview

Use the curriculum to provide career advice for youth and adults. Career planning also involves finding the right career resource. Use career job test to uncover -

  • Interests
  • Abilities
  • Skills
  • Talents

Use career search sites, career development software, and career planning books to provide -

  • College major information
  • Career job opportunities
  • Career education requirements
  • Career clusters information
  • Transferable skills sets

As you search for college major information, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my vocational interests, abilities, skills, and talents?
  • What are the steps that are necessary to develop the interests, abilities, skills, and talents that I possess?
  • What are the career goal setting steps that I need to do?
  • What career tests are available?
  • What college major information is available?

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Motivational and Inspirational Career Guide

The Motivational and Inspirational Career Guide shows that we are in a race to reach our career goals. 

The guide is a step-by-step tool to explore 3 steps in the career planning process.

The guide motivates you to let you know that -

  1. You are special and unique
  2. You are reaching to obtain a specific destiny, purpose, calling, or occupation

This guide will give you strategies to achieve your dreams.

Motivational and Inspirational
Career Planning

The guide has step-by-step tools to explore the steps in the career planning process.

Before beginning your journey,

  • Read Inspirational Principles.
  • Look over the Inspirational Career Keys.
  • Download the Inspirational Guide

Step One - Awareness, Knowledge, and Assessment

You can use the guide to gain insight into your interests, abilities, skills, and values.

Step Two - Exploration, Problem Solving, and Goal Setting
You will perform occupational research -

  • Identifying potential careers
  • Narrowing career options
  • Researching training options
  • Determining training program - college, university, or apprenticeship


Step Three - Career Planning
You will put what you know into action -

  • Conducting information interview
  • Completing career shadowing
  • Executing a job search strategies
  • Writing resume
  • Practicing interview techniques
  • Participating in internship / volunteer experience


Here is an overview of the guide.

The guide is a step-by-step tool to explore careers and college majors.

  • Use the course to pinpoint interests, abilities, skills, talents, and values.
  • Discover who you really are and understand your likes, dislikes, and interests.
  • Match your likes, interests, skills, and personality styles to careers.
  • Find training programs that are a match to the careers that they are interested.
  • Motivate you as you explore careers and college majors.
  • Succeed in planning a career.

The Motivational and Inspirational Career Guide has 2 sections –

  • Awareness, Assessment, and Knowledge Guide
  • Guide to Career Exploration and Planning

Awareness, Assessment, and Knowledge Parent, Teacher, and Adult Guide outlines the process of selecting a career assessment.  The selection process includes –

  • Introduction to Career Planning
  • Steps to Self Awareness
  • Tools To Assess Self Awareness
  • Selection of a Career Assessment or Test
  • Career Test Checklist 

Guide to Career Exploration and Planning

The Guide to Career Exploration and Planning is for teens or adults who need a manual that will guide them through the steps of career planning process.

The topics included in the Guide are -

  • Career Planning Map
  • Self-Analysis, Self Awareness, or Self Assessment
  • Career Exploration Tools
  • College Major Exploration Tools

Career exploration tools provide the following information –

  • Overview
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Outlook
  • Earning
  • Interest Profile
  • Working Conditions
  • Contact Info
  • Areas of Study

College exploration resources lists the following facts –   

  • Location of School
  • Majors Areas of Study
  • Name of School
  • Size and Cost
  • Region in the USA
  • Type of School

The Motivational and Inspirational Career Guide is a digital course that is available 24/7.

You get access to downloads, videos, and web site.


Here is an infographic to give an overview of the Motivational and Inspirational Career Guide.

Click on the link to see a larger version of the infographic.

Versions of the Motivational &
Inspirational Career Guide

The guide can be used with a variety of assessments -

  • Self - Directed Search (Internet Version)
  • Strong Interest Inventory®
  • Other Holland codes Resource Center career tests

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Isaiah 11 & Bloom Taxonomy Connection

The Bloom’s Taxonomy is one of the most widely used educational models Developed to help teachers create effective lesson plans. 

The Bloom's Model is also useful to help us understand how we learn and process information.

Yet, 1000’s of years before the taxonomies were written in Isaiah 11:2, the Spirit of God is called –

•    Spirit of wisdom and understanding
•    Spirit of counsel and might
•    Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD

The threads of Isaiah 11:2 are woven throughout the Bloom’s and Lorin Anderson/ David Krathwohl’s Educational Models.


Maximize Bible Study

The purpose of the Maximize Your Bible Study course is to teach you some tips to to improve your Bible study by maximizing what you already know how to do.

Our main focus will be on how to rightly divide the Word of God by learning:

  • How to properly use the Bible
  • How to effectively take notes
  • How to use the standard dictionary in conjunction with Bible study
  • How to use the concordance

In order to effectively maximize your Bible study, you must have a desire, a reason, vision or purpose that will cause you to seek the information you are looking for.

You need to ask yourself these questions -

  • First, why am I studying what I'm studying?
  • Two, am I studying what God wants me to know?

You must also ask the Holy Spirit will guide your Bible study.  God will help you make your Bible study will be more fruitful.

Here is the Table of Contents -

A.    Objective – Maximize Bible Study 
B.    #1 Tool is the Bible  
C    Objective - Why do we need to study the Bible for ourselves?  

The Basis for Our Words - The Word of God
A.    God's Word Will Not Fail.
B.    God's Word Is Settled (Established).  It Will Stand Forever. God's Word Will Not Pass Away. 
C.    The Word Of God Will Accomplish/ Perform God's Purpose.   
D.    Application Exercise: Note Taking.  

Meditation - What Do You Do After Doing A Bible Study?   
A.    Different Meanings of the Word Mediation  
B.    Examples of Mediation   
C.    Application Exercise – Using a Concordance   

We Must Watch Our Words  
A.    Put a Watch Over Our Words.   
B.    Our Words Can Bless Or Curse.   
C.    Our Words Pierce, Defile Or Heal.   
D.    Our Words Will Be Judged.   
E.    Keep The Door of Our Mouths.   
F.    Our Words Produce Life or Death.   
G.    We Will Receive the Fruit of Our Words.   
H.    We Can Be Snared By Our Words.   
I.    Right Words Bring Forth Wisdom.  
J.    Application Exercise - Dictionary   

Hearing the Voice of God  
A.    God's Words Framed The World.  
B.    Importance of Hearing God's Voice   

Places Where People Heard God’s Voice   
A.    The Mercy Seat - Where God Chose to Meet With Moses  
B.    The Mercy Seat Symbolizes the Throne of Grace that is in Heaven where we can find mercy and grace in a time of need.  
C.    Mount Sinai - Where God Chose To Speak To Moses And The Israelites   
D.    Mount Sinai is symbolic of the Word of God because the Word of God directs us into the presence of God.  
E.    Jesus Hears the Voice of God.   
F.    Hearing the Voice - New Testament   

Seeds, Soils, and the Sower  
A.    The Soil Represents Our Hearts.   
B.    Type of Soil - Wayside  
C.    Type of Soil – Stony or Rocky   
D.    Type of Soil – Thorns   

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Detectives of the Bible Club

Good Character Building Curriculum!

The Detectives of the Bible Club is a fun, interactive way to explore the Word of God.

Each lesson is packed full of activities -

  • Bible stories
  • Bible verses
  • Coloring sheets
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Solving Cases Sheets
  • Bible Word Studies
  • Question and answer sheets

Good for Family Bible Studies!

Learn about some of the heroes from the Bible -

  • Jesus
  • David
  • Joshua
  • Abraham
  • Noah
  • Daniel
  • Mary

The Detective of the Bible Club (DBC) has three volumes -

  • Become a Detective of the Bible
  • Learn Hebrew and Greek
  • Flash Cards
  • Coloring Sheets
  • Bingo Cards
  • Seek the Holy Spirit
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Building Godly Character

As an example, the table of contents from Volume 1 of the Detective of the Bible Club lesson covers -

  • Leaders’ Guide
  • A Cry from the Heart
  • Inspector's Pledge of Support
  • Biblical Guide to Train up a Child
  • Detectives of the Bible Club Theme Song
  • Bible Guest - David
  • Where Is The Story Of David – The Chosen One?
  • Where Is 1 Samuel 17?
  • Bible Guest - Jesus Born In Bethlehem
  • Who Is Jesus?
  • Where is the Story of a King is Born?
  • Where Is Luke 2:6 - 7
  • Bible Guest - Joshua
  • Where is the Story of a New Leader?
  • Bible Guest - Jesus at the Age of Twelve
  • Where is the Story of Boy in the Temple?
  • Where is Luke 2:46?

A special, illustrated, 405 page PDF 3 volume Edition is available as a download. The Bible curriculum comes with three volumes packed full of activities -

  • Bible stories - Lord Jesus, David, Joshua, Abraham, Noah, Daniel, Mary and Ruth
  • Bible verses
  • Coloring sheets
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Solving Cases Sheets
  • Bible Word Studies
  • Question and answer sheets
  • Character building lessons
  • Hebrew and Greek activity sheets, bingo cards, word lists, and flash cards

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