Joan Mullinax, MEd, LPC, Career Counselor

by Joan Mullinax
(Houston, TX)

Joan Mullinax Career Counselor

Joan Mullinax Career Counselor

Ready for a career change? I'm a career counselor specializing in career change and transition, particularly in mid-life. Career counseling services are available via phone, webcam or in person in Houston, TX. Visit my website for more information on how I can help,

I have 8 years of experience in career counseling, career change coaching, and academic advising—supporting experienced professionals, undergraduate and graduate students in choosing or changing careers, in selecting appropriate educational and training programs, and in securing employment. As a manager in the computer industry, I hired and trained multiple employees. As a result, I have a clear picture of the employment process from an employer’s perspective. I have also been through a lay-off and understand the financial and emotional impact a lay-off can have, as well as the opportunity it provides for a person to find a career in which one can thrive. Joan is a “poster child” for positive career change.

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