Strong Interest Explorer

Easy-to-Use Strong Interest Inventory

Strong Interest Explorer

The Strong Interest Explorer (SIE) is a Holland Codes career assessment and simplified version of the Strong Interest Inventory.

The SIE -

  • Is a compact, all-inclusive booklet
  • Makes administration of the Strong Interest Inventory┬« instrument in a group setting quick and easy
  • Is ideal for students and individuals transitioning into a new career or reentering the workplace

The SIE contains the following items -

  • A condensed number of test items
  • An answer sheet
  • Basic interpretative information
  • College majors, technical programs, occupations, and activities matched to Holland Codes interest groups
  • Steps to help identify education and career options
  • Tips to assist individuals in the career exploration process

The SIE has easy-to-follow instructions and a simple scoring process -

  • The scoring is faster and easier than ever before.
    • Rate selected jobs, school subjects, and activities
    • Count the selected jobs, school subjects, and activities
    • Graph your scores on Interests Chart
    • Circle interesting college majors, technical programs, occupations, and activities
    • Summarize results
  • No other components are needed to administer this inventory.
  • The SIE provides instant results for on-the-spot interpretation.

Cost: $15

Sold out!

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