Faith Based Career Curriculum


The faith based career planning curriculum covers the following areas:

  • Holland codes
  • Interests, Abilities, and skills
  • Careers
  • College Majors
  • Job Search Resources

Use the career planning curriculum at:

  • Private Schools
  • Homeschool Students
  • Youth Groups
  • Work Force Programs
  • Church Afterschool Programs
  • Bible Studies
  • Retreats
  • Bible Schools

Here is the table of contents from the faith based career planning curriculum:

  • Three Steps Within the Career Planning and Exploration Process
  • Step One: Awareness, Knowledge, and Assessment
  • Types of Career Planning Resources
  • Examples of Holland Codes Resources
  • Holland Career Personalities
  • Four Personal Styles
  • Biblical Examples for Holland Personality Types
  • Holland Code Assessments
  • Holland Codes Resource Book
  • Activity Sheet for “Holland” Career Assessment
  • Step Two: Educational and Occupational Exploration
  • Internet Career Exploration Resources
  • Career Book Resources
  • Step Three: Career Planning
  • Holland Codes and College Majors
  • Resume Writing
  • Resume Writing Web Sites
  • Biblical Principles
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Use the curriculum to provide career advice for youth and adults. Career planning also involves finding the right career resource. Use career job test to uncover:

  • Interests
  • Abilities
  • Skills
  • Talents
  • Use career search sites, career development software, and career planning books to provide:

  • College major information
  • Career job opportunities
  • Career education requirements
  • Career clusters information
  • Transferable skills sets
  • As you search for college major information, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my vocational interests, abilities, skills, and talents?
  • What are the steps that are necessary to develop the interests, abilities, skills, and talents that I possess?
  • What are the career goal setting steps that I need to do?
  • What career tests are available?
  • What college major information is available?
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Career Assessment Tests

The faith based curriculum is used with the following Holland Code career self assessment tests:

Comprehensive, Validated, Reliable Tests:

Low Cost, Informal Tests:

Children, Limited Reading Ability, or Special Needs Tests: