Destiny Development Guide

The Destiny Development Guide shows that we are in a race to reach our career goals. 

The guide is a step-by-step tool to explore 3 steps in the career planning process.

The guide motivates you to let you know that -

  1. You are special and unique
  2. You are reaching to obtain a specific destiny, purpose, calling, or occupation

This guide will give you strategies to achieve your dreams.

Career Planning

The guide has step-by-step tools to explore the steps in the career planning process.

Step One - Awareness, Knowledge, and Assessment

You can use the guide with the Self Directed Search (Internet/Mobile Version).

You will gain insight into your interests, abilities, skills, and values. 

Step Two - Exploration, Problem Solving, and Goal Setting
You will perform occupational research -

  • Identifying potential careers
  • Narrowing career options
  • Researching training options
  • Determining training program - college, university, or apprenticeship

Step Three - Career Planning
You will put what you know into action -

  • Conducting information interview
  • Completing career shadowing
  • Executing a job search strategies
  • Writing resume
  • Practicing interview techniques
  • Participating in internship / volunteer experience

The guide is a step-by-step tool to explore careers and college majors.

  • Use the course to pinpoint interests, abilities, skills, talents, and values.
  • Discover who you really are and understand your likes, dislikes, and interests.
  • Match your likes, interests, skills, and personality styles to careers.
  • Find training programs that are a match to the careers that they are interested.
  • Motivate you as you explore careers and college majors.
  • Succeed in planning a career.

The Destiny Development Guide has the following sections –

  • Awareness, Assessment, and Knowledge Guide
  • Guide to Career Exploration and Planning

Awareness, Assessment, and Knowledge Parent, Teacher, and Adult Guide outlines the process of selecting a career assessment.  The selection process includes –

  • Introduction to Career Planning
  • Steps to Self Awareness
  • Tools To Assess Self Awareness
  • Selection of a Career Assessment or Test
  • Career Test Checklist 

Guide to Career Exploration and Planning

The Guide to Career Exploration and Planning is for teens or adults who need a manual that will guide them through the steps of career planning process.

The topics included in the Guide are -

  • Career Planning Map
  • Self-Analysis, Self Awareness, or Self Assessment
  • Career Exploration Tools
  • College Major Exploration Tools

Career exploration tools provide the following information –

  • Overview
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Outlook
  • Earning
  • Interest Profile
  • Working Conditions
  • Contact Info
  • Areas of Study

College exploration resources lists the following facts –    

  • Location of School
  • Majors Areas of Study
  • Name of School
  • Size and Cost
  • Region in the USA
  • Type of School

Delivery Instructions

The delivery instructions are the Log-in instructions for the download and career test will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.

Destiny Development Guide
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