Career Test Tips

Are you searching for tips to help you -

  • Identify your interests, abilities, and skills
  • Find the connection between interests, careers, and college majors
  • Discover your destiny
  • Unlock your potential
  • Identify the right career test

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Career Test Tips

We have developed career test tips to answer some of your common questions.

10 Top Tips for Finding Your Career Test

Career guidance booklet provides you answers to your questions.

The tips help you find tools to discover your interests, abilities, and skills.

Learn about the careers that match your interests.

Discover the degree programs that are needed to help you reach your goals.

1. Finding the Right Career Test

2. Holland Career Model

Holland Codes matches personality types to jobs and college majors.

3. Career Cluster Model

There are 16 Career Clusters in the National Career Clusters Model.

4. Holland Career Tests

Here is information about some popular career tests.

5. Detailed Career Test Rating Chart

The Test Rating Chart has the following details -

  • Assessment
  • Format
  • Factors Measured
  • Ease of Use
  • Audience
  • Rating

6. Catalog

The catalog has detailed facts about career tests and other resources.

7. web site

For more information,

Destiny Development Diary

Now is the time to fulfil your potential.

Become aware of your interests, abilities, and skills. Match your talents to the right career.

1. Discover Your Destiny

2. Career and College Major Planning Keys

Three factors influence planning for career or selecting a college major –

  • Knowing yourself
  • Knowing occupations
  • Knowing the college majors

3. Three Career Planning Process Guideposts

The three guideposts are -

  • Awareness, knowledge, and assessment
  • Career exploration
  • Career planning 

4. Step 1 - Awareness, Knowledge, and Assessment

You become aware of, know, and identify –

  • Holland vocational interests
  • Abilities
  • Skills
  • Values

5. 3 Ways to Choose a Career Test

The 3 Ways to Choose a Career Test are -

  • Format
  • Cost
  • Information provided

6. Career Test Checklist

Use the checklist to determine the format, cost, and other features.

7. Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a career assessment test and a personality test.

8. Interest Self - Assessment Tests

Holland Codes career tests help people find a match between –

  • Interest clusters
  • Personalities
  • Job categories
  • Environments

9. Step 2 and Step 3

- Step 2 is Educational and Occupational Exploration.
- Step 3 is College Major Exploration.

10. Build Your Destiny Development Kit

Review the different Destiny Diary career tools.


Since 1998, has provided a variety of tools.

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Test Drive Your Career Test

1. You have the keys!

The Career Test Drive is a systematic way to discover the right career and college majors.

2. Lay a Foundation

Lay a foundation. Get the facts to unlock your potential.

3. Get Ready

It is time to get the right tools to -

  • Discover your destiny
  • Pursue your passion
  • Achieve your goals
  • Focus on your visions and dreams

4. Prepare for the Test Drive

Are you ready to move toward your destiny?

5. Set your course for the future.

You need the tools to navigate on the road to self-discovery.

6. Get direction and focus.

You need direction as you search for –

  • Purpose
  • Meaning
  • Significance
  • Self worth

7. Have questions?

Are you searching to find your interests, abilities, skills, and talents?

8. Get answers!

Look Inside the Self Directed Search

1. Self Directed Search

The Self Directed Search is one of the most respected and widely used career planning instrument in the world.

2. Versions of the Self Directed Search

  • SDS Assessment & Finder Form R is for adults and students who are interested in going to college or graduate school.
  • SDS Assessment & Finder Form E is for adults and students who are interested in working, going to 2 year college or entering an apprenticeship.
  • SDS Assessment & Finder Form Career Explorer is for middle school students.

3. Activities

Read over the activities.

  • If you like activity, mark the Like (L) box.
  • If you dislike activity, mark the Dislike (D) box.

4. Competencies or Skills

If the Competencies or Skills statements -

  • Mark Yes (Y) if you can do the skill well.
  • Mark No (N) if you can not do the skill or perform the skill poorly.

5. Occupations or Careers

Read the occupations.

  • If the career interests or appeals to you, mark the Yes (Y) box.
  • If the career does not interess or appeal to you, mark the No (N) box.

6. Self Estimates

Rate yourself on each of the different traits.

The ratings are from 7 (High) to 1 (Low).

7. How to Organize Your Answers

Now, you will summarize your results.

You will enter the number from the past activities.

You will total the numbers.

You will enter the top three letters in the boxes.

8. Additional questions

  • Visit our web site –
  • Call us at 877-667- 6565.
  • Email us at

Look Inside the Strong Interest Inventory

1. Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is one of the most respected and widely used online Holland Code, career planning instrument in the world.

2. Versions of the Strong Interest Inventory

  • Strong Interest Inventory Standard Edition is for adults.
  • Strong Interest Inventory College Edition is for college students.
  • Strong Interest Inventory High School Edition is for high school students.

3. Strong Interest Inventory Results

The Strong Interest Inventory Report has the following information -

  • Holland Codes/ General Occupational Themes
  • Basic Interest Scales
  • Occupational Scales
  • Personal Styles Scales
  • Administrative Scales

4. Interpretive Report

The Interpretive Report cover the following topics -

  • Highest Themes
  • Personal and Work Environment Descriptors
  • Specific Interests for Work, Leisure, and Learning
  • Careers that might be Most Appealing
  • How you like to work and learn
  • Action Steps
  • Helpful Resources

RIASEC Inventory - Easy to Use Career Test

1. Criteria for Selecting Career Assessments

Criteria for Selecting Career Assessments are -

  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Format
  • Internet resource links
  • Other resources
  • Age/ grade level

2. RIASEC Inventory Overview

There are 6 RIASEC Interest Areas -

  • Realistic
  • Investigative
  • Artistic
  • Social
  • Enterprising
  • Conventional

The RIASEC Inventory is an easy to use assessment. The inventory has 72 activities.

3. RIASEC Inventory Scoring

Count the Likes on the 6 rows of the RIASEC Inventory.

Transfer the number to the back of the inventory.

Identify potential careers.

4. Destiny Development Diary

The Destiny Development Diary covers -

  • 3 Steps in Career Planning Process
  • Holland codes Overview
  • Self Awareness & Assessment
  • Career Exploration
  • College Major Exploration

5. 3 Career Planning Keys

The 3 Career Planning Keys are -

  • Know about Self
  • Know about Occupations
  • Know the College Majors

6. Holland Hexagon Model

In the Holland Hexagon Model, there are six vocational personalities show the relationships between Ideas, People, Data, and Things.

7. Career Exploration

Career Exploration involves the completion of the following activities –

  • Performing career research
  • Identifying potential careers
  • Narrowing career options

8. College Major Exploration

College Major Exploration involves the discovery of the degree programs that are matched to different careers -

  • Identify college majors
  • Gather information about admission requirements, financial aid, and extracurricular activities
  • Narrow degree program options

PIC Interest Survey - Great Kid Career Test

1. Criteria for Selecting Career Assessments

Criteria for Selecting Career Assessments are -

  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Format
  • Internet resource links
  • Other resources
  • Age/ grade level

2. PIC Interest Survey Overview

There are 6 RIASEC Interest Areas -

  • Realistic
  • Investigative
  • Artistic
  • Social
  • Enterprising
  • Conventional

The PIC Interest Survey is a kid career test. The inventory has 36 sets of 3 pictures.

3. PIC Interest Survey Scoring

  1. There are letters (A, B, or C) under each picture.
  2. To the right of the row, there are columns labeled R, I, A, S, E, or C.
  3. In the R, I, A, S, E, or C columns, circle the same letter – A, B, or C.
  4. In the Occupational PICS Profile, write the totals for the R, I, A, S, E, or C letters.
  5. Under each R, I, A, S, E, or C column, put an X on the row that has the correct A, B, or C totals.
  6. Draw a line connecting the X’s.
  7. On the back page, write the R, I, A, S, E, or C letter for your highest, second highest, and third highest score.

Look at your top three RIASEC interest areas and list of sample careers.

The Career Locator matches Holland Code interest areas to 600 careers.

4. Holland Hexagon Model

In the Holland Hexagon Model, there are six vocational personalities show the relationships between interests and careers.

5. See Rainbow Careers - Kid Career System

See Rainbow Careers is a fun way to introduce children to careers. Careers are like rainbows. The world is filled with 1000's of careers.

The Kid Career Awareness System contains the following items -

Open your child's eyes to the wonderful world of careers.

Discover your child's career interests. Learn about how careers are broken up into six career groups.

1. Itunes App

The See Rainbow Careers book -

  • Has six sections and 40 colorful pages
  • Provides information about – Career group characteristicsCareer interest areasCareers
  • Uses vibrant colors, animated graphics, and VISUAL learning techniques to help children build an career awareness
  • Clarifies thoughts, integrates new knowledge, and promotes critical thinking. New concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood.
  • Organizes and analyzes information.
  • ImprovesAttention Span and Concentration: holds audience's attention and helps people absorb information Memory Skills and Understanding: improves ability to absorb information Speed of Learning: reduces the time it takes to complete career tests.
  • Order the See Rainbow Careers iTunes App at the iTunes store.

2. Unit Plan, Instruction Sheets, Q & A Sheets, and Activity Sheets

The Unit Plan covers -

  • Standards
  • Performance Goals
  • Academic Content Area(s)
  • Unit Assessment
  • Brief Summary
  • References

The Instruction Sheets provide the step-by-step for using -

The Question and Answer Sheets is an excellent review for the information covered in the See Rainbow Careers book. Summarize key information concurrently, or use the sheets as a review.

The printed activity sheets have -

  • Six sections
  • 72 items

The printed activity sheets can be administered to groups and individuals.

For the activity sheets, you use paper-and-pencil.

The estimated time to complete the activity sheets is 30 minutes, and activity sheets are self– scoring.

3. Color Chart

The Color Chart provides information about forty-four careers:

  • Job Titles
  • Color Career Group

4. Color Posters

Over three hundred (300) Posters feature graphics, interest areas, and careers. The Posters are Easy Scoring. You sort the posters quickly according to likes and dislikes. At the end of the poster sorting exercise, you will have your Holland Code. The posters are an excellent way to explore careers. The poster shows you’re the relationship between Holland Codes and careers.

We will be adding more career resources!

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