Thank You for Ordering UAE Report.

Thank you for ordering the UAE Report.

Read a Fact-Filled Report about the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Education.

Get strategies to create a new career education program.

See how your educational system differs from the Ministry of Education.

The UAE is preparing youth for the future.

The UAE Career Education Report is summary of the UAE educational system gathered from articles, reports, databases, and web sites. There are three major areas –

  • Part One: Facts about United Arab Emirates
  • Part Two: Strategies for Building a Career Education Program
  • Part Three: Powerpoint Presentation

Part One covers Facts about UAE. From authoritative sources, you will get the answers to the following questions -

What is the specific geographic communities to be served?
What is the student population?
What is the teacher/ student ratio?
What is the agency that supervises the educational system in the United Arabic Emirates?
What is the agency’s purpose, mission, and objectives?
What is the structure of the Ministry of Education?
What are the matching ages for each grade level?
What is the certificate awarded at the end of the general secondary level?
What are the three major streams (pathways) within the secondary level of the Ministry of Education?
What are the objectives of the ADEC?
What are the names of the five largest centers of learning found in the UAE?
What are the key industries in the UAE?

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