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The Career Social Media Resource Center is the All in 1 Resource that is open to anyone who wants to identify their interests, discover their purpose and gather information about careers, colleges, motivation, inspiration, and social media topics.

Member Benefits

Members get access to -

1. Blog
2. Expanded Free Download Library
  • Free Career Assessments, e.g. Know Your Holland Code
  • Free Career Guides
  • Free Presentations
  • Resume Writing Resources
  • Interviewing Tips
3. Low Cost Downloads
4. Member Web Pages
5. Store (Product Discounts)
6. Social Media Resources -
  • Resource One: Blogs - Blogger and Wordpress
  • Resource Two: Facebook
  • Resource Three: Linkedin
  • Resource Four: Pinterest
  • Resource Five: Twitter
  • Resource Six: Slideshare - document, PDF, video and webinar
  • Resource Seven: Infographics - highly visual presentation tool
  • Resource Eight: Word cloud generator software
  • Resource Nine: Powerpoint
  • Resource Nine: Powtoon
8. Videos
  • 10 Top Tips
  • Test Drive Your Career
9.Digital Course - Build My Career Test

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