Occupations Outlook: Career Exploration for Teens

Occupations Outlook

Occupations Outlook Career Exploration for Teens is an excellent, easy-to-read resource for teens. Teens use the Occupations Outlook: Career Exploration for Teens to gather valuable information about potential careers. With this information, teens are better prepared to select the right high school courses. Later, teens make better career decisions and choices for post-secondary training.

In the Introduction, there are lists –

  • Jobs
  • Career Clusters/ GOE Interest Groups
  • Holland Codes
  • Careers for Me Clusters

The Occupations Outlook comes with a detailed key that outlines -

  • Education & Training
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Average Earnings

Each job listing includes -

  • Job descriptions
  • Working Conditions, e.g. work outdoors, indoors, working with people
  • School subjects
  • Skills required for future jobs
  • Related Occupations
  • Career Clusters
  • Holland Codes

The Outlook is an excellent introduction to career exploration.

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