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Are you looking for kid career tests to introduce careers?

Building career awareness is a fundamental step in helping a child unlock his or her potential. The career tests introduce personal interests and career possibilities. sells the following kid career test or activity: PICS Interest Career Survey

Features of Kid Career Test

PIC Interest Survey       
Format                            Printed  
Reading Level                 Non-readers to 3rd Grade
Holland Codes               YES
Job Lists                          YES
Administrative Guide      YES
Worksheet                       YES

PICS Interest Career Survey

The PICS Interest Career Survey is a child's career test, picture interest test, and an easy-to-do Holland Code assessment that uses 36 sets of 3 pictures as a quick way to –

  • Explore their career interests
  • Find a job that fits

Students choose one of the three pictures that corresponds to one of the RIASEC interest areas.

There are numbers to the left of each row.

  •      Students place an X under the RIASE or C that matches the circled picture.
  •      Students count the Xs in each column and place the totals at the top of the column.

Students write their Holland Codes.

Teachers review Holland Codes.

As bonuses, with each purchase, you receive the Career Locator and Career Planning Worksheet.

The Career Locator matches Holland Code interest areas to 600 careers. Careers are placed in one of the following groups – Careers that require Short Term On-the-Job-Training, Moderate Term On-the-Job-Training, Long Term On-the-Job-Training, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Professional Degree, and Post-secondary Vocational Training.

On the Career Planning Worksheet, you record information about education required, projected earning, job outlook, skills, and next step.

Bonus Items for an order of 100 students or more:  Download of 300 RIASEC posters.

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