InterLangua LLC

by Elisabeth Montgomery, Ph.D., President
(Emeryville, California and Shenzhen, P.R. China)

InterLangua LLC
InterLangua Software (Shenzhen) LLC

Innovation & Creativity
Cross-Cultural Training & Evolution
Ecological Foresight & Planning

~ InterLangua LLC professionals build strong relationships with clients and offer innovative programs designed to meet the client's needs and positively enhance their business and academic skills. Our clients develop innovative and creative critical ways of thinking about themselves and others, while taking courses in cross-cultural know-how provides them with concrete, disciplined tasks that help them achieve learning objectives. InterLangua's ecological foresight and planning mission includes a broad context for applying what is learned from our natural environment.

InterLangua's consultants tailor the clients' needs to the most effective and efficient results by using processes from three vital areas:

Creative Leadership - InterLangua helps create leaders who have the courage, motivation, and discipline to believe they can produce something new in the world. InterLangua services incubate innovation and creative thinking on an individual and group basis through a multidisciplinary approach

Cross-cultural Know-How - For individuals, institutions, and organizations focused on effective interpersonal and written communication skills at all levels in:
(1) English Services for Academic Purposes (EAP): Writing, speaking, listening, and interviewing.
(2) English for Specific Purposes (ESP): Increasing skills for people in business and professional work situations. The company also provides formal research methods and styles training for editing, proof-reading and citing for international publication, theses, dissertations, grants and proposals, and applications.
(3) Career Development for All Ages: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and materials based on John Holland's Self-Directed Search, Picture Inventory and the new Paint Your Career with Colors, InterLangua provides career services to schools and individuals in P.R. China.

~Ecological Foresight & Planning : InterLangua provides individuals and organizations that are concerned with the protection and preservation of the natural environment with a project-oriented approach to stimulate imagination and passion for achieving agreed-upon ecological goals. Participants learn by experimentation to plan projects through pre-conceptual and conceptual stages. The projects may be simple at first, but become increasingly complex as the specific needs and requirements of the participants are revealed. In this sense, the projects are living organisms? that evolve solutions to problems. See for more details.

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