Hollandcodes.com Virtual Catalog

Using Evernote Technology

Hollandcodes.com virtual catalog

Using the latest Evernote technology, Hollandcodes.com has launched new virtual catalog.

Click on the topic that appeals to you. Read about our most popular products and services -

  • Bulk Career Tests
  • Career Interests Inventory
  • Career Personality
  • Destiny Development Diaries
  • Find a Job Career Test
  • Holland Career Model
  • Holland Career Tests
  • Holland Codes Download Sale
  • Hollandcodes.com
  • Hollandcodes.com Resource Center
  • Hollandcodes.com Store
  • Kid Career Awareness App
  • Kid Career Tests
  • Middle School Career Resources
  • Myers-Brigg Type Indicator
  • Paint Careers With Colors Kid Career Tests
  • PICS Career Survey
  • Purchase Order Policy
  • RIASEC Inventory
  • Self Directed Search
  • Stem Careers Inventory
  • Strong Interest Explorer
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • Teen Career Tests
  • Transferable Skills Survey

Hollandcodes.com virtual catalog

The Hollandcodes.com Virtual Catalog is divided into different areas:

  1. Holland Codes Resource Center - Name of the Evernote Notebook
  2. Tags - Use keywords to find specific products or topics
  3. Web Address - Link to the original Hollandcodes.com web page
  4. Print button
  5. Search box - Use the Search box to find specific products
  6. Hollandcodes.com Virtual Catalog web page overviews - Click on the link to view the web page.
  7. Hollandcodes.com Virtual Catalog web page - Read about the different Hollandcodes.com products and topics.
  8. Click on the Let's Connect and Build a Stronger Network! link to connect with us using Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Steps to view the Virtual Catalog

Hollandcodes.com virtual catalog

1. Click on the Hollandcodes.com's Virtual Catalog link.

Hollandcodes.com virtual catalog

2. Use the scroll bar on the right of area number 6 to view Hollandcodes.com products and topics.

Hollandcodes.com virtual catalog

3. Click the links (number 6) to open the Virtual Catalog web pages. The web pages will open in area number 7.

4. Click the web link (number 3) to open the original Hollandcodes.com web page.

The virtual catalog and other resources are on the Resource Center.

The Resource Center is open to anyone who wants to share, purchase, and distribute information about Holland Code, kid career tests, and career education resources.

Members get access to -

  • Blog
  • FAQs
  • and more!

Join Career and Social Media Resource Center, formerly the Holland Codes Resource Center.

Cost: $10

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