Elementary School Teachers, Counselors,
& Career Education Tools

As teachers and counselors, you know that the elementary school years are important. During the early school years, students build visions of what they desire to do in their lives as they contribute to the society.

With your help, students remain open to new career ideas and possibilities.

As you work with students, students do not make premature career choices or career preparations. For students, primary school is a time to build career awareness.

Elementary teachers and counselors prefer VISUAL learning techniques and vibrant kid career resources. Elementary teachers and counselors are looking for products that clarify thoughts, integrate new knowledge, and promote critical thinking. Teachers and counselors present new information so that the concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood.

Elementary career education tools should improve -

  • Attention Span and Concentration: holds audience's attention and helps people absorb information
  • Memory Skills and Understanding: improves ability to absorb information
  • Speed of Learning: reduces the time it takes to complete career tests.

Elementary school career education tools introduce your students careers and interests. The graphics and visuals hold your students' attention. The tools uses career kid self-by-step activities, tests, posters, games, and activities. Elementary school career resources provide excellent ways to explore careers. The resources show the relationship between interest areas and careers. Elementary school career awareness programs use age appropriate materials that match the developmental levels of the students. Age appropriate activities expose students to a variety of -

  • Different jobs
  • Career information sources
  • The reasons why people work

Programs also incorporate academic career pathways into classroom activities. After completing an elementary school career awareness program, students have:

  • Higher grades
  • Higher academic achievement
  • Improved school involvement, as well as
  • An increase in career awareness exploration, personal, and interpersonal skills

In addition, the students complete more complex courses and have a higher graduation rate from high school.

In summary, in elementary school career programs, students:

  • Learn and apply the academic material
  • Know and value self
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Identify interests and build relationships between the school environment and the work force
  • Build academic, communication, problem solving, and social skills
  • Increase awareness of the need for future jobs skills
  • See the connections between learning in school, academic skills, job related skills, and careers
  • See career possibilities
  • See themselves as a future contributor to the job force
  • Receive empowerment
  • Build self-determination

Overview of An Elementary School Career Education Program

Elementary School Career Tests

Hollandcodes.com sells the following elementary school career test or activity: PICS Interest Career Survey.

new pic survey

PICS Interest Career Survey

The PICS Interest Career Survey is a elementary school career test, picture interest test, and an easy-to-do Holland Code assessment that uses 36 sets of 3 pictures as a quick way to –

  • Explore their career interests
  • Find a job that fits

As bonuses, with each purchase, you receive the Career Locator and Career Planning Worksheet.

The Career Locator matches Holland Code interest areas to 600 careers. Careers are placed in one of the following groups – Careers that require Short Term On-the-Job-Training, Moderate Term On-the-Job-Training, Long Term On-the-Job-Training, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Professional Degree, and Post-secondary Vocational Training.

On the Career Planning Worksheet, you record information about education required, projected earning, job outlook, skills, and next step.