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The Holland Codes Resource Center is located at 4133 E. Siesta Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85050

The motto for the Holland Codes.com is "Helping Others Improve Their Lifestyles".

One of the subsidiaries of the Holland Codes Resource Center is Hollandcodes.com.

Hollandcodes.com specializes in information on Holland Codes, Holland codes career games, career assessments, bingo cards, and printable/ web based resources.

Background Information

Since 1995, the Holland Codes Resource Center and other businesses have been:

  • Workshop presenters, career consultants, and educational services consultants
  • Curriculum conventions exhibitors

About Dr. Mary Askew

EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author

Dr. Mary Askew has a Doctor of Ministry degree in Career Development.

Dr. Askew is currently a Career/ Early College Advisor for the Maricopa Community College District. She also a Career Services Consultant at Grand Canyon University. She has taught career workshops at Church for the Nations in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Askew was also a Educational Services Consultant for the Help4Kidz and Help4Teenz, Phoenix inner city programs for at risk children and youth. She is the author of the Exploring Holland Codes, Careers, and College Majors Curriculum, guidebooks, bingo cards, posters, printable worksheets. and web-based resources.

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We are happy to answer your questions. You can call us at (602) 753-9112 or E-mail us at explorecareers at gmail.com.

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Our Testimonials

Here are some testimonials.

Dear Ms. Askew,

Thank you so much for your understanding in what I wanted. I appreciate your help ...and quick service too!
I have opened the attachments you sent and they are great!
I look forward to getting the book (Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook).

Thank you VERY much!

From: Ann, Graduate Student

I just reviewed the Paint Careers with Colors and really liked it. I look forward to using it in the 2007-08 school year here at Kealakehe Elementary in Kona As I mentioned, I will be teaching a state-wide distance learning course called Establishing an Elementary Career/Guidance Program for elementary school counselors to earn professional development credit. I will offer your website as a resource for them to participate in the preview program as well. Congratulations on developing a very user-friendly program for children!

From: M. Bernier, School Counselor, Kealakehe Elementary School

"We currently use two different career assessments at our institution – the Kuder Career Planning System and the Holland Codes Toolkit. Both are excellent instruments and are best used in certain circumstances. For our purposes, the Holland Codes Toolkit is most utilized on an individual basis when a student is seeking assistance in choosing a major or career path. It typically takes about twenty minutes to complete and score, which gives us more time to research particular jobs and their training requirements. We tend to use the Kuder Career Planning System, which is an on-line format, with class groups because this program allows for further career research within the program while sitting at the computer.

The benefits of using the Holland Codes Toolkit would include:

1. Paper format – no equipment needed
2. Easy to understand – little or no instruction required
3. Takes only 20 minutes to complete and score

Thank you,

H.G., Career Services Counselor, University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville

"The Self-Directed Search is a valuable tool for me as I work with high school and college students looking for a career path. Hollandcodes.com makes ordering easy and provides valuable training materials for me..

If I have a special need, or if I need something quickly, they are there to help me out!"

D. W., Director, Career Services and the Center for Learning and Teaching, Oregon Institute of Technology

About the Make a Career Profile... I like the option of answering beyond just "yes I like it or no I don't like it." Most programs limit the options to just the two.

I also like the fact that their are career choices that take into account interests, values, skills and personality.- It would be nice to see the careers that pertain to my specific Holland Code. For instance my Holland code is ISC, and it would be interesting to see all of the careers that fall under just ISC, even if they are few.

It would be helpful to see what matches with my interest level graph without going into each occupation. I haven't found on yet that I match up with.- I like the program a lot and will also use it to determine my teenagers' interests so that we know which direction to start focusing on in school. College is just around the corner and I want them to be confident in their major selections before we start investing our hard earned dollars into classes they may not like, half way through college.

Stacie H., Nursing Student, Southport, FL

As a graduate student in Counseling Edu./Counseling Psy., I thought that it would be a simple process in locating and implementing a quality Career Development Assessment, to help the teens in the Youth Ministry which I oversee and the adults which I consult in Career Development. However to my surprise this was a more tedious process than I had anticipated, that is until I came across the website during my research of the Holland Code SDS.

Hollandcodes.com turned out to be a big blessing in that not only did I receive assessment booklets at a cost effective price but I also received other support materials and most importantly staff support which was always available to help me with any questions or challenges that I encountered. The staff of Holland Codes Resource Center provided me with expertise unlike that received in any other material support system.

Considering that I received knowledge far beyond the price of the material I felt that it would be a disservice not to thank and commend Dr. Askew and the Hollandcodes.com Team.

Professionals such as Hollandcodes.com, keeps Career Development Counselors on the cutting edge of the field through the Holland Code Model.


J. D. S., Counseling Edu./Counseling Psychology Graduate Student

This is a note to thank you ( Dr. Askew) for all the assistance, support, and information in our implementation of the Self-Directed Search. We are using this tool as a standard assessment for all of our students enrolled in our Credit Recovery Program. Vocational coaches use the results and the college and career finders to assist students with developing their life plan which includes career and academic goals. The additional information you provided us on the SDS was helpful for training our staff.

The service you have provided us has been impeccable. As you know, you even arranged an overnight delivery so we could have the materials in time for a training.

We will definitely be using the SDS with all of our Credit Recovery Programs and relying on your Center to provide the materials and information we need.

J. G., National Director of Training, Community Education Partners

Thank you so much!!! I can't believe your still at work. What great customer service :o) ... Wow!!! Thanks for all your hard work! This is an amazing resource (Holland Code Toolkit)! ... What a great game :o)

K. G. Bellingham, WA

Dr. Frank J. Minor of Career Dimensions wishes to acknowledge and congratulate Dr. Mary E. Askew for her contributions to the profession of career and education planning and counseling.

Dr. Mary E. Askew has developed a career development planning process as outlined in her eBook Unlock the Treasure Chest. Do You Have the Keys? Guide to Career Planning that addresses the needs of students and adults in career transition. Dr. Askew’s approach recognizes that career planning is an ongoing process that requires the individual to adapt to the changes in one’s personal life situation and also the changes taking place in the world of work and education due to advances in technology and the dynamics of our global economy. Dr Askew’s career development philosophy is a contribution to the evolving “Career -Life Span-Life Space” theories.

My way of summing up Dr. Askew’s approach to career development planning as shown in her eBook is as follows:

Career Planning is an on going, continuous process throughout your life span. If you are taught the steps needed for career planning and if you are equipped with the appropriate tools and information, you will discover that you are a multi-potential person with many career options and are able to self-manage your career and education exploration, planning and goal setting.

According to Dr Askew, the basic steps for you to follow include:

  • Assessment of your personal attributes e.g. Interests, Values, Skills & Abilities, Personality, etc.
  • Broadening of your career horizons by discovering, exploring and learning about career fields that are compatible with your assessment profiles.
  • Narrowing down your options by comparing the pros and cons of the occupations and education paths matching your assessment profiles.
  • Mapping out realistic goals and action plans.
  • Search for colleges and educational institutes, training programs, internships and other experiences that will support your goals and plans and will satisfy your personal preferences and needs.

As time goes by and your life roles and responsibilities change, reassess and take stock of your life situation and be willing to adapt your career to these changes.

Frank J. Minor, Ph.D.
CEO, Career Dimensions Inc.
Associate Professor, Emeritus, Saint Anselm College, New Hampshire
Associate Adjunct Professor, Retired, Columbia University, Teachers College, Graduate School for Counseling Psychology, NYC

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