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printable workshEet LIBRARY for adults!

Printable worksheets are available: 

In our library, you will -

  • Receive key factors to determine the right inventory or test that meets the needs of your clients or students
  • Learn the three steps in the career planning process
  • Gain an understanding of Holland Codes as well as the interrelationship between Holland Codes, careers and college majors
  • Have access to the leading Holland Codes inventories or activities
  • Receive a supplemental career and college major exploration resources

Unlimited ACCESS
to course Resources!

After completing this course, you will -

  • Have a step-by-step guide to explore careers and college majors
  • Use the course to help your clients and students pinpoint interests and Holland personality styles.
  • Have strategies to help your students and clients discover who they really are with tools to understand their likes, dislikes, and interests
  • Know how to help your students and clients match their likes, interests, skills, and personality styles to careers
  • Have resources to find training programs that are a match to the careers that they are interested.

This course is the result of 20 years of experience researching Holland Codes assessments, tests, activities, and resources.

Course Activities

Here are examples of course activities -

Step 1:  Read the files in the Introduction module.

Step 2:  Read the activities.  Activities come with fact sheets and other resources.

  • Build Self Awareness
  • Understand Career Interest Groups – What do the scores mean?
  • Know RIASEC Personalities
  • Selecting the Right Training Program
  • Career Planning – Putting the Pieces Together

Step 3:  Complete the battery of Holland Code Inventories ($200 value)

  • RIASEC Interest Inventory - 1 online access code
  • Self Directed Search - 1 online access code
  • Strong Interest Inventory - 1 online access code

Step 4:  Match Interests to Career activity.

Step 5: Utilize Research a Career Tool.

Step 6: Build list of potential careers.

Step 7:  Perform Search for College Tool.

Step 8:  Make a list of potential college majors.

Step 9:  Complete other Career Planning activities.

Additional bonus:

you will receive a Free Membership to the Career and Social Media Resource Center!

Member Benefits

Members get access to -

1. Blog
2. Expanded Free Download Library

  • Free Career Assessments, e.g. Know Your Holland Code
  • Free Career Guides
  • Free Presentations
  • Resume Writing Resources
  • Interviewing Tips

3. Low Cost Downloads
4. Forum
5. Member Web Pages
6. Store (Product Discounts)
7. Social Media Resources -

  • Resource One: Blogs - Blogger and Wordpress
  • Resource Two: Facebook
  • Resource Three: Linkedin
  • Resource Four: Pinterest
  • Resource Five: Twitter
  • Resource Six: Evernote - note taking and archiving software
  • Resource Seven: Delicious
  • Resource Eight: Issuu - digital publishing platform
  • Resource Nine: Prezi - cloud-based presentation software
  • Resource Ten: Scribd - web and mobile device online library
  • Resource Eleven: Slideshare - document, PDF, video and webinar
  • Resource Twelve: Infographics - highly visual presentation tool
  • Resource Thirteen: Wordle - word cloud generator software
  • Resource Fourteen: Powerpoint
  • Resource Fifteen: Lino
  • Resource Sixteen: Powtoon

8. Videos

  • 10 Top Tips
  • Test Drive Your Career

9. Digital Course for adults and kids

The sales cost for the program is $500/ Regular cost $1000. 

This course is a result of 20 years of research with Holland Codes products.

Unlimited access to course resources! You have permission to reuse the materials for your clients and students!

Special Sale!

The regular cost for the program is $1000. The special sale cost is $250!

There is an additional shipping costs for shipping printed materials -

  • RIASEC Interest Inventory (printed) - 1 access code
  • Self Directed Search (printed) - 1 access code

Unlimited access to course resources! You have permission to reuse the materials for your clients and students!

Note:  Completion of non-disclosure agreement required before the receiving access to Master Course!

  • Read, print, sign, and date Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Return the NONDISCLOSURE-AGREEMENT by scan
  • Email to hollandcodes at
  • Put " Master Course" in the subject line.

When we receive your payment and non-disclosure agreement, you will receive a link to access the Master Course. 

During the course, you can also send questions about the career tests and materials via email to hollandcodes at

for Elementary/ Middle School
Career Awareness and Career Exploration

Kid Career Tests


Are you looking for kid career tests to introduce careers?

Building career awareness is a fundamental step in helping a child unlock his or her potential. The career tests introduce personal interests and career possibilities. sells the following kid career tests or activities:

  • Self Directed Search Career Explorer (SDS CE)
  • PICS Interest Career Survey

Features of Kid Career Tests

PIC Interest Survey

  • Format Printed
  • Reading Level Non-readers to 3rd Grade
  • Holland Codes YES
  • Job Lists YES
  • Administrative Guide YES
  • Worksheet YES

SDS Form Career Explorer

  • Format Printed
  • Reading Level 3rd Grade
  • Holland Codes YES
  • Job Lists YES
  • Administrative Guide YES
  • Worksheet YES

Self Directed Search Career Explorer
Assessment and Finder

The Self Directed Search Career Explorer (SDS CE) is a child's career test with a 3rd grade reading level.

The SDS Career Explorer has kids activities.

The kid career test matches interests, activities, and skills to Holland Codes and 400 careers.

Price: $15.00/ Form Career Explorer Assessment & Booklet

For PayPal, click the "Add to Cart" button below.

PICS Interest Career Survey

The PICS Interest Career Survey is a child's career test, picture interest test, and an easy-to-do Holland Code assessment that uses 36 sets of 3 pictures as a quick way to –

  • Explore their career interests
  • Find a job that fits

As bonuses, with each purchase, you receive the Career Locator and Career Planning Worksheet.

The Career Locator matches Holland Code interest areas to 600 careers. Careers are placed in one of the following groups – Careers that require Short Term On-the-Job-Training, Moderate Term On-the-Job-Training, Long Term On-the-Job-Training, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Professional Degree, and Post-secondary Vocational Training.

On the Career Planning Worksheet, you record information about education required, projected earning, job outlook, skills, and next step.