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The My Career Profile Guidance System (MCP) is a tool that will help you find the connection between interests, careers, and college majors in order to complete the different steps in the career planning process. To understand the career planning steps, you need more than one tool. The MCP comes with tests and database to assist you in answering all of your career questions.

The MCP has 4 job assessment tests -

  • My Interests Inventory
  • My Values Inventory
  • My Skills Inventory
  • My Personality Inventory
The My Career Profile Guidance System also has 1200+ occupations and 6000 college databases.

MCP Interest Inventory
1. My Interests Inventory

The My Interests Inventory generates a 3-letter Holland Codes and provides Interest Level Scores for the six (6) Holland Personality Types.

values inventory
2. My Values Inventory

The My Values Inventory measures out the things that are important to you, for example -

  • Helping Society
  • Artistic Creativity
  • Helping Others
  • Independence
  • Prestige
  • Risk Taking
  • Stability
  • Working Outdoors
skills inventory
3. My Skills Inventory

The My Skills Inventory helps you know the things that you are good at, for example -

  • Communication Skills
  • People Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Creative and Artistic Skills
  • Scientific Skills
personality inventory
4. My Personality Inventory

Discover your Personality. My Personality Inventory assesses your personality, matches occupations to your Personality, and generates Occupational Lists.

Job search
Research a Career Tool

Use the Research a Career database to find information on 1200+ occupations

  • Overview
  • Job duties
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Outlook
  • Earnings
  • Advancement
  • Working Conditions
  • Interest (Holland Codes) Scores
  • Areas of Study
  • Training or Educational Levels
  • School Search Tools
college search
School Tool

The School Tool obtains school from a database The School Tool of 6000+ post-secondary institutions does a college search by major according to the following criteria -

  • Name of School
  • Location of School
  • Region in the USA
  • Type of School
  • Size and Cost
  • College Majors/ Major Areas of Study

COST for My Career Profile and Guidebook: $60

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MY CAREER PROFILE is an ON-LINE, Holland Code career self assessment test. When you complete your transaction, you will receive two e-mails. The first e-mail confirms payment received. The second e-mail lists the following information -

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