unlock treasure for children

Thank you.

Thank you for ordering the Unlock Your Treasure Chest Guidebook for Children Toolkit.

Holland Codes Resource Toolkit for Children has –

  • Awareness, Assessment, and Knowledge Parent and Teacher Guide
  • Guide to Exploring Careers
  • Visual Aids or Screenshots For Teachers, Counselors, or Parents

The Guide to Exploring Careers discusses –

  • Learn about Yourself
  • Find and Understand the Secret Code
  • Find Your Career Group
  • Use the SDS Career Explorer
  • Get Your Career List
  • Explore Careers Web Sites and Books

The Holland Codes Resource Toolkit has the following items-

  • 100 Holland Code "Bingo" Cards with Instruction Sheet
  • 100 Holland Code Occupational Sort Cards
  • Eight (8) Holland Code Word Puzzles
  • Holland Code Resource Manual
  • Flash Cards
  • Holland Career Model
  • Holland Code Bingo Cards
  • Holland Code Curriculum
  • Holland Code Information Sheets
  • Holland Code Resource Guide
  • Occupational Posters with Instruction and Scoring Sheets
  • On-Line Holland Code Resources including career exploration lesson plans and computer based career exploration

You will receive a separate e-mail giving you your DOWNLOAD instructions.

On your credit card statement, the credit card payment for the Unlock the Treasure Chest- Do You Have the Keys? Guide to Career Planning will be listed under the name ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM

If you have any questions, you can reach us at explorecareers@qwest.net.

For other Holland Code products, please visit the Hollandcodes.com store.

Thank you

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