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Thank you for ordering the Self Directed Search Internet Version.

The Self-Directed Search INTERNET VERSION is -

  • Easy to use - Complete the career assessment in 30 minutes.
  • Tested, proven, and dependable - Used by over 22 million people worldwide.
  • An excellent resource - Self Directed Search gives you a two or three-letter RIASEC or Holland code that tells the relationship between job personalities, key characteristics, college majors, hobbies, abilities, and careers.
  • Updated to include careers from Information Technology Industry

With each purchase, the user receives by e-mail an identification number and password to generate a confidential, eight-to-twelve page interpretive report including information about 1,309 occupations matched to Holland Codes. After an individual takes the test and enters the User ID number and assigned password, the customized report is sent directly to the test-taker’s computer, where it can be stored or printed for easy reference.

Self-Directed Search Log in Instructions

The Self-Directed Search has been used by more than 23 million people to help find occupations that suit their interests and skills. Developed by Dr. John Holland in 1971, the SDS is used throughout the world to help people make successful career decisions.

The SDS Internet site ( does not charge users to take the 200-item test. The user identification number and passwords that you received are required to generate a confidential, eight-to-twelve page interpretive report. After you take the test and enter the User ID number and assigned password, the customized report is sent directly to you, where it can be stored or printed for easy reference.

Your test scores result in a 3-letter code of the three personality types the individual most closely resembles. All reports include an occupations list that matches the code, suggesting job types most suited to the individual's personality, interests, and skills.

To begin using your the SDS Internet Version:

1) Visit our website at
2) Click on Group Account button.
3) Enter your First Name, Last Name, and email address.
4) Enter Group ID and Password

Group ID: sent in an email
Password: sent in an email

5) Click Continue
6) Complete the Self Directed Search.
7) When your personalized report appears on screen, use your Internet browser to print or save the report. We do not recommend that you attempt to "bookmark" the location of your report, but you need to make sure to print it, or save it to disk.

Technical Problem?

If a technical problem occurs once you have entered your Group Account ID and Password and submitted your results, please contact PAR Technical Support immediately. The best way to contact PAR Technical Support Specialists is via e-mail using a special Internet form, which provides us with vital information regarding your difficulties and/or concerns at:

PAR Technical Support Specialists are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. eastern time. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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