JC Virtual Holistic Wellness Center

I am a Virtual Holistic Wellness Coach that specializes in obesity, disease prevention, stress management and reversing type 2 Diabetes. Additionally I offer nutritional guidance and coaching to my clients who are looking to prevent cancer as well as those currently in treatment or recovering from cancer.
As someone who has battled with Cancer and won, which also included dealing with my son's brain tumor when he was 6 months old in which he was also victorious, enables me to
"Walk the Talk."

JC Holistic Wellness Center empowers our clients to "LIVE" by helping them bridge the gap between their lifestyle and their diet. Additionally we support our clients in their relationships, careers, spirituality and exercise.

We are here to help our clients live victoriously.
As Your personal Wellness Coach I can help and equip you with the tools to reach your goals and enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. My approach is holistic, where I consider all your lifestyle decisions in creating a program for you

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