International Career & College Counseling

by Don

Don McMahon,M.Ed. working with a young lady

Don McMahon,M.Ed. working with a young lady

The ICCC offers Guidance, Academic, College and career Counseling to any student that can access the ICCC online. The initial contact is free of charge and will include a discussion and analysis of the studentĀ“s needs, as well as a detailed estimate of what it will cost to fufill those needs.

Don McMahon has an M.Ed. in counseling psychology from the University of Toronto and is a certified International Guidance and college counselor. He has worked overseas in American and International Schools and has 40 years of experience in education, business and human resources.

ICCC Services offered by Mr.McMahon are:

* Personal counseling and initial therapy,
* Academic support and counseling for special and exceptional needs,
* College and Career counseling for students,
* Career orientation and job search assistance for adults,
* Family and corporate mediation,
* Vocational and personal standardized evaluations.

For a no-cost/no-obligation review of your needs, contact Don McMahon at: or by phone at:
011 52 442 2484775

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