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The purpose of the Holland Codes Forum link is to have other teachers, counselors, professionals, parents, adults, and teens to expand the wealth of information that relates to Holland Code career education resources.

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The Holland Codes Career Resource Forum is:

  • Dedicated to exchange of ideas about Holland Codes, assessments, tests, web sites, books, curriculum, educational activities, and counseling resources
  • Open to anyone who has an interest in Holland Codes

Teachers, counselors, and other career education professionals, you are an expert! Contribute what you know. List your organization in our up-coming directory. Increase your visibility.

Parents, you have practical and hands – on experience that other parents need to know. Share your ideas.

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The Forum has free college search and career information from:

  • College search web sites
  • College major search web sites
  • Career information web sites
  • Career exploration web sites
  • Career planning web sites
  • College admission essay writing web sites

At our low - cost membership site, you will have access to information over 85 blog posts and articles listing web site information on –

  • Holland Codes
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  • Activities
  • Competencies
  • Transferable skills
  • Career exploration

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