Customized Career Software

Do you need customized career toolkit or software
for your specific business, industry or region?

Personalized Toolkit

The Holland Codes Tool Kit has educational resources, classroom or counseling activities, and career exploration activities to provide career counseling and career education. The toolkit helps clients and students identify interests, abilities, and skills. In the Toolkit, there is -

  • 109 page Holland Code Resource Guide
  • Holland Code Crossword Puzzles
  • 200 Holland Codes Occupational Poster Cards with Instruction Sheets
  • 100 Holland Codes Bingo Cards with Instruction Sheets
  • Flash Cards
  • Career Model Overview
  • Internet Resource Guide

Add personalized information that relates to your school, organization, or agency.

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Perconalized Career Software

Get on-line career assessment software customized and adapted to meet the needs of your clients.

The customization of the software include the following areas -

  • Set-Up Fees
  • Monthly Fees
  • Use Fees
  • Additional Fees

Set-Up Fees

The set-up fees to create the on-line career assessment software web site include:

  1. Duplicating current application and database and installing on server: (Application runs with Microsoft SQL Server and Cold-Fusion)
  2. Build and deploy an administrative web based interface to current application to support language translation of all information that is database driven

Monthly Fees

  • Network Fees include all hosting, 24/7 network support, and bandwith
  • Application Support Fees provide appication and content updates

Use Fees

Use Fee is based on estimated number of users per year anticipated to use the application or Total number of students/users anticipated to use the software

Additional Fees

Modification of current application per required specifications. This item is to be billed hourly and covers all programming.

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