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Thank you for ordering the Career Explorers Guidance System and a Holland Code & O*NET Fact Sheet.

The Career Explorers Guidance System is an ON-LINE, Holland Code career self assessment test that is –

  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Tested, proven, and dependable
  • Excellent resources

The Career Explorers help you to -

  • Know or discover their interests, abilities, and skills.
  • Have information about careers (working conditions, salaries, and training requirements).
  • Match their interests, abilities, and skills to the right set of occupations.

O*NET Codes and Holland Codes FACT Sheets lists the -

  • O*NET-SOC Code
  • O*NET-SOC Job Title
  • Holland Codes
  • Description

You should have received a separate e-mail giving you your USERNAME and PASSWORD instructions.

Thank you for ordering the Career Explorers Guidance System.


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