Career Coaching for Students Program

by Carl Nielson
(United States)

THE career exploration program for high school students

THE career exploration program for high school students

Career Coaching for Students? is THE program that students in high school or college can use to gain clarity around their talent and learn about career choices that are a good fit to their talent. To the point, this program is highly effective at identifying career options where the student will find passion.

The program is offered for high school programs, one-on-one coaching and publicly held group workshops and individual home use by parents with their son or daughter. A facilitator's guide and certification training is available for those wanting to deliver the content in a class room or workshop setting. The program fits nicely into an 8 to 12 hour course curriculum format as part of a semester-long class.

Career Coaching for Students? was introduced to address the growing need in society for our students to find passion in life. With half of today?s workers unsatisfied in their career and college students changing majors an average of twice before graduating, the financial and emotional impact on students has become a national concern. Programs of the past are not producing desired results. There are a number of programs geared towards helping students ?qualify? for college with a little ?career exploration and direction? sprinkled in. Career Coaching for Students? goes much deeper by inspiring students to find their passion, establish goals and create action plans to achieve success. To learn more go to http:/ Teachers wanting a great revenue generator for the summer are invited to inquiry about our Independent Coaching Summer Workshop program.

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