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Self Directed Search Form R and E

The NEW fourth edition of the SDS is designed to help clients learn about themselves and their career options. Whether they are college students choosing a major, veterans entering the civilian job market, or adults pursuing a career change, clients can use the SDS to learn more about occupations that match their interests, abilities, and personalities.

The SDS 4th Edition is based on John Holland’s theory that both people and work environments can be classified according to six basic types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. These personality types are known collectively as the Holland RIASEC model.

The SDS asks questions about the individual’s aspirations, activities, competencies, and level of interest in different occupations. From the responses, the SDS generates a three-letter Summary Code, which can be used to help the individual find his or her educational and occupational matches.

This easy-to-use, comprehensive career exploration tool asks questions about the individual’s aspirations, activities, competencies, occupations, and other self-estimates. The resulting three-letter Summary Code, which designates the three personality types an individual most closely resembles, can then be used to help the individual find his or her occupational match.

Features and benefits

  • Applies to all stages of life. The components of the SDS 4th Edition can be used together for educational planning and career development, as well as leisure and retirement planning.
  • Includes brand-new normative data. Normative data were derived from a nationally representative sample of 1,739 students and adults.
  • Is well studied and psychometrically sound. The SDS is one of the most thoroughly studied career assessment tools: the SDS results has been used in more than 1,500 studies.
  • Sets the standard for career assessment. Used by more than 35 million people worldwide, the SDS was originally written by John Holland, the creator of the popular RIASEC theory of vocational personality.
  • Uses a continually updated occupations resource. SDS Summary Codes are linked to occupations found in the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database, a major occupational site used by consumers and professionals.
  • The New! The Occupations Finder-Revised Edition has a list of 1,309 occupations matched to Holland Codes.

Self Directed Search Assessment & Finder Form E Bulk Order

Self Directed Search Form E

Self Directed Search Assessment & Finder Form E

The Self-Directed Search Assessment Form E and Job Finder is for clients who have limited reading skills. The reading level is 4th to 6th grade levels.-

The Form E Assessment Booklet includes uncomplicated questions about individuals' likes and dislikes, their competencies, the jobs they find interesting, and their personal abilities. After answering the questions, individuals derive a 2-letter Summary Code (instead of the usual 3-letter code) using a simplified scoring system.

The 198-item Assessment Booklet is written at a 6th grade reading level.

The directions are written at a 4th-grade reading level in larger print for easier reading.

The Self-Directed Search Assessment Form E has four sections – Activities, Skills, Jobs, and Rating Your Abilities.

The results from the four sections are placed on a Counting Sheet. The Holland Code scores are counted. The two highest scores are placed in the Summary Code Boxes.

The Form E Jobs Finder lists over 860 jobs, including some requiring postsecondary training.

From the SDS Assessment, clients search the Jobs Finder for jobs with matching or similar codes--jobs that will be most satisfying to them.

Clients, students, and children write the job that appeal to them on the What Your Summary Code Means page on the SDS Assessment.

Career Interests Inventory

new career interest inventory

The Career Interests Inventory, a 6-panel foldout printed, career self assessment test, measures Holland Codes, personalities, and careers. Here is some information about the inventory. The Career Interests Inventory measures six Holland Occupational Codes -

  • Realistic
  • Investigative
  • Artistic
  • Social
  • Enterprising and
  • Conventional

TheO *NET Career Interests Inventory is a inventory with 180 statements taking about 30 minutes to complete.

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