10 Reasons Why You Should Become An Interview Coach

America's #1 Interview Coach

1. It’s a great niche! Everyone is looking for a niche. You can become an expert in a specialized field.

2. There are people waiting to pay for your services – they NEED your help. You can take advantage of a “hot” job market – where people want to change jobs.

3. You don’t need a lot of equipment – it’s literally a portable business –any place – using the latest technology - or not.

4. It’s quick – doesn’t require months of coaching. You can complete your work with a client in a few sessions – two or three.

5. You’re going to feel GREAT when you get those success emails from your clients – saying “I got the job – thanks to your help.”

6. You’re going to help people learn about their skills, traits and abilities – and help them to find out what “makes them unique.” You can have a lot of fun helping people to get what they want.

7. You will be able to use your own past life and work experience to help these people succeed. You have walked in their shoes if you ever been on an interview.

8. You will meet the widest variety of people imaginable – and, they all have a story. If you like people and stories – you’re going to love this job.

9. You will find new energy through this process – and will not even feel like it is work. It’s just talking and listening (a lot of listening) to people and helping them to tell their stories.

10. And - you can start making some serious money.

Carole Martin, America’s #1 Interview Coach and author is telling her interview business coaching secrets. Visit her site at www.interviewcoachtraining.com

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