Social Studies Teachers Get the Best of Both Worlds

Linking Social Studies Curriculum and Elementary School Career Education

Teachers and curriculum developers recognize the similarities between Social Studies and elementary school career education standards. As a result, some teachers and curriculum developers use both Social Studies standards and career awareness methods to design elementary school Civics, Geography, and Economics curriculum.

Social Studies Standards

The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) developed the Social Studies standards. In the Curriculum Standards for Social Studies: I. Introduction Report (2009), the NCSS stated -

The social studies standards address the overall curriculum design and the comprehensive student performance expectations of a program of excellence, while the individual sets of discipline standards provide enhanced content detail to ensure quality instructional programs.

Teachers and curriculum designers are encouraged first to establish their program frameworks using the social studies standards as a guide, then to use the individual sets of standards from history, geography, civics, economics, or other disciplines to guide the development of strands and courses within their programs...

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