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Article Title: Linkedin (for) Recruiter - Corporate Solutions
Author Byline: Rithesh Nair
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Linkedin Recruiter

Did you see the new Linkedin Recruiter.. Its being couple of years I am using Linkedin but the Corporate solutions for recruiters blew me off. The redesigned Linkedin has a lot of potential and a lot to offer.

20 million + users and growing; Linkedin has upgraded their candidate search feature. Recruiters with Linkedin Recruiter can view up to 1,000 search results instead of the 500 available in other accounts.

Logging takes you to the dashboard which is different from the Linkedin Outlook toolbar dashboard which most of us have. On the left side it shows my ongoing projects,my job postings, searches and search history letting me pull up any old searches I have done. On the middle of my screen has the Usage Information and status of Inmails and Alerts.

Many of the features reminds me of zoominfo where in you can create and save projects. You can share these projects(the profiles your saved or sourced) with your other recruiting team members.

The best feature I liked was the search alerts. You can now save the searches you are doing on Linkedin and have you alert when a new match is found as long as you keep the search alert ON.

Other features include adding the profile to clipboard and saving profiles to the projects and batching the Inmails together instead of writing one by one.

Great work- Linkedin developers.

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