Dr. Mary Askew Attended Arizona Families for
Home Education (AFHE) Convention

July 17 to July 18, 2009
Phoenix Civic Plaza

Dr Askew - AFHE Convention


  • 4500 Home School families from across Arizona attended the 26th Annual Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) Convention.
  • Over 100 universities and companies attended including Grand Canyon University, Bob Jones University, Desert Baptist Bible College, Pensacola Christian College, and Southwestern College
  • 450 home school students enrolled in the AFHE Convention Teen Program – Future college students
  • Dr. Askew administered Holland Code assessments to 48 home school students.
  • Dr. Askew helped the home school students match interests to college majors.
  • From a poll conducted with home school families, Hollandcodes plans to make more career services available for homeschool students - http://www.hollandcodes.com/kuder-test-survey.html

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AFHE at Phoenix Civic Plaza

AFHE key note speaker

AFHE Exhibition Hall