Interview on Demand is TiVo for Hiring

Author Byline: Carl Chapman
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OK, I have to confess: I’m so spoiled, I don’t think I could live without my TiVo. I think the DVR is the greatest technological convenience ever. (Besides my cell phone, of course.) I am no longer a slave to the schedule of TV programmers who don’t take into account how busy I am. I no longer have to patiently wait and suffer through commercials I can’t stand. TiVo has changed my life. (Yes, I know that seems pathetically shallow to some of you, but that’s only because you don’t have one yet.) At the touch of a button, I can watch what I want, when I want. It saves me time because I can skip commercials. And if I need to see something again, I hit Replay. It’s EASY.

TiVo is revolutionizing media in America–from what we expect as consumers, to marketing practices, to advertising, to what we can imagine might come next.

I am here today to tell you (and you knew this was coming, right?) that Interview On Demand is TiVo for job interviews.

Like TiVo, Interview On Demand is convenient. Interview On Demand makes it easy to arrange interviews to fit your schedule. Watch the interview when it’s best for you. With no hassles involving traffic, airlines, or hotels.

Like TiVo, Interview On Demand saves you time. Interview On Demand gets you the answers you need in the fastest amount of time possible. Video interviews consistently take less time than in-person interviews. You can skip over interviews that you can tell won’t be a good fit.

Like TiVo, Interview On Demand is easy to use. Interview On Demand is intuitively easy to navigate. Once you’ve contacted Interview On Demand, we can walk you through setting up interview questions. We contact your candidates by e-mail and offer them tutorials on how to video interview [ ]. Once the interviews are done, we store them for you (or any member of your hiring team) to access online anytime. And you can hit Replay if you want to see them again.

Interview On Demand is revolutionizing the hiring process just like TiVo has revolutionized TV watching.

Join the revolution.

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